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Common Questions Regarding Implants ants and Dentures

How do implants on dentures compare to normal dentures?


Dentures fixed to dental implants will give you an enhanced improvement in your quality of life that standard dentures cannot provide.


McGill University in Toronto conducted a study to determine if people, especially the elderly, can improve their chewing ability and nutrition if they wear dentures anchored by implants. After 6 months, the group with dental implants did not only increase their body fat but blood tests recorded significantly higher levels of albumin, hemoglobin (Iron) and vitamin B12 – all indicators of nutrition.

The study group also reported significant improvements in their ability to chew meat and hard vegetables and did not avoid foods they did in the past.


Is It Possible To Use an Existing Denture with Dental Implants?


Sometimes it is possible to use a patient's existing denture, as opposed to fabricating a new denture to snap onto dental implants, by altering it to accommodate the necessary attachments. However, there are a number of factors that must be considered. Since each patient's situation is unique, the possibility of using an existing denture can only be determined in consultation with a dentist or dental specialist.